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I want to thank you for looking at my photo's. If you are interested in other sizes or more choices on anything I offer please e-mail me with your request and I will get back with you as soon as I can. There are a lot of different products, Sm/Med/Lg prints on E-paper/Metallic/B&W, Canvas Gallery Wraps,Standouts,Photo Books, Collages, and Packages. Also if you have any other questions please feel free to e-mail me anytime.


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Hi. I have been doing Photography for four years now and have enjoyed every minute. I have recently retired and now have the time I didn't have before to devote to my photography business. I will be making changes on my website and business options. I will be starting Portrait/Headshots/ and Seniors side of my business hopefully by June/July. I will have updates when I know more and I will be posting those here. Thank you for looking at my site and hope you will continue to do so.
Along with the portraits I will have galleries for Still Life,City/Landscapes.Architectural photos around the same time June/July. Hope you enjoy what you see. Thanks

Tom Fleeman.

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2015 West Var Football

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2015 West Var Baseball

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2015 West JV Football

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2015 West JV Soccer

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2015 Parkers 4th Grade Football

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2016 Portfolios

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2016 Parkers 4th Grade Baseball

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2017 Parkers 5th Grade Baseball

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2016 Parkers 5th Grade Football

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2016 City/Landscapes

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2016 West Var Baseball

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8040 photos

2016 West JV Baseball

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3216 photos

2016 Volunteer and Special Events

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2016 Kansas State Baseball Playoffs

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2016 West Dance Team

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121 photos

2016 West Var Football

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267 photos

07-07-16 Art For Sell!

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2017 Art/Still Life

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2017 Headshots

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2017 West Var Baseball

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2017 Portraits

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11-25-16 Test Flash

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2017 Misc.

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2017 West JV Baseball

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2017 City/Landscapes

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2017 West Summer Baseball

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23 photos

2017-18 West VAR Football

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239 photos

2017-18 West JV Football

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2017-18 West VAR Girl's Tennis

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719 photos

2017-18 West Volleyball

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2017-18 West Boy's Var Soccer

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2017-18 West Jv Boy's Soccer

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